Source: Lakers offering Jordan Hill $6 million, Timberwolves offering $15 million

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Ross Pickering

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Looks like Jordan Hill could be making a decision tomorrow. According to our friends over at,  Hill has a couple of offers on the table:

Our source, who has an extremely close relationship with Jordan Hill, told that the Lakers are trying to sign Hill to a 2-year contract that pays $3 million per season.

Minnesota is offering $5 million per season for three years, but Jordan Hill prefers to be a Los Angeles Laker.

When asked if the Dwight Howard situation is the reason Jordan Hill’s extension has been delayed so long, our source said he was “not sure”.

So, Hill has to decide between a two-year contract for $6 million with the Lakers or $15 million for three years with the Timberwolves. As Mitch Kupchak said yesterday, most of the time, players will take the more lucrative offer.

But, Hill wants to be a Laker and this team looks like they’ll be contenders next season. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.