Sources: Lakers interested in Delonte West and Jose Calderon

The Lakers’ season isn’t exactly going to plan right now. They came into the season with high expectations – sure, we thought they’re struggle a little while they get used to playing with each other…but a 9-13 record? I don’t think anybody saw that coming. 

However. nobody saw Steve Nash’s injury coming either. Nash fractured his leg in just the second game of the season; as we told you yesterday, he apparently healed well, but a nerve problem is holding him out and there is no real timetable for his return, though it will hopefully be before the end of the month.

The Lakers are growing restless, though. Every game they drop to a lesser team is putting pressure on management to make a move. Before doing anything too big or crazy, it seems they may go after a starting caliber point guard to fill the void in Nash’s absence, and the guy at the top of the list is Delonte West, according to Mark Stein:

While I was against the Lakers bringing on West earlier in the season, I would welcome such a move right now. The Lakers are at rock bottom or close. They need a spark to keep them going until Nash and Gasol return at full health. Delonte might just be able to help there, with his outside shooting and defensive abilities.

Stein also notes that the Lakers are still very much interested in acquiring Jose Calderon from Toronto, but the Raptors are holding out for a bigger deal to come along:

Calderon apparently wants out of Toronto and demanded a trade, so the stars could be lining up for a move to Los Angeles.

However, it was rumored by ESPN last week that the Raptors offered Calderon, Andrea Bargnani and Linas Kleiza for Gasol, so you’d imagine Toronto would counter with this offer if the Lakers tried to pry Jose away from them.

I don’t think the Lakers would want to part with Pau just yet, as they still want to hold on until both he and Nash are healthy and have had some time playing together on the floor.

That’s why a smaller move for a guy like West would make sense. However, to sign Delonte, the Lakers would have to either cut or trade a player from their roster as they’re currently at the league maximum of 15.

Players who are probably vulnerable to being cut are Darius Johnson-Odom and Earl Clark. Cutting Johnson-Odom would be the cheapest option, although he has been playing well in the D-League and is still young. If the Lakers cut Clark, they’ll still have to pay him his owed salary – that obviously didn’t stop them sending Mike Brown on his way with over $10 million in his pocket, though.

We’ll see what happens. But, one thing’s for sure, the Lakers won’t just sit back and watch the ship sink. They’ll make moves of some sort to help bail out the water and get the team floating back up the standings.

Written by Ross Pickering

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