The missing piece…

Since Steve Nash has returned to the startling lineup from a non-displaced fracture in his left knee, the Lakers’ problems varied on a nightly basis. These problems included help defense, transition defense, defense as a whole, chemistry, turnovers, free throws, the list can go on forever. These issues would come and go but there was one problem that haunted the Lakers all season. Chris Duhonsteve-blake-lakers

Duhon was brought to LA as a part of the Dwight Howard blockbuster. Since his arrival he has done very little for the Lakers and more times than not he has hurt them. Duhon is a liability on both offense and defense. Some players can only play offense and others can only play defense. Duhon can’t do either. He is a 30 year old veteran point guard with experience under Coach Mike Krzyzewski, as well as plenty of NBA run.

He can’t gaurd anyone & the only way he can score is on a wide open 30 footer. When he is not bricking jumpers and getting beat off the dribble, he spends his time getting manhandled by his defender. Any type of defense on Duhon is bad news, often ending in a turnover and an opposing team slam-dunk. He has lost a few steps since his glory days at Duke. It almost appears as if his gas tank is running on empty.

This is where the good news comes, cue Steve Blake.

Blake will be returning Tuesday night against New Orleans. Ah, at last. Now don’t get the wrong idea, Blake is no Chris Paul by any means. However, Blake is an asset to the team. He plays fiesty in-your-face defense, he can knock down big buckets on a consistent basis, and is very capable of initiating the offense without turning the ball over. Blake also has chemistry with the members from last years team. These guys trust him. We have yet to see Blake perform in Mike D’Antoni’s system but coach has always been high on Blake & insists he will succeed in his system.

Let’s hope D’Antoni is right, because let’s face it, the Lakers need someone besides Duhon running the show. Tuesday couldn’t come any faster.

Written by Blake Beckerman

I am a college student at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Basketball is my love and future. I have been around the game as long as I can remember and have no plans of leaving. I am a die hard Lakers fan and a self proclaimed NBA guru. Giving my thoughts and speculation on the league really brings joy to me. I am always willing to answer questions concerning the league and game. A basketball junkie at its finest. You can follow me on Twitter (@BlakeBeckerman)