They played for us?


If you ask a Lakers fan to name a former player, it is likely that he or she will give you the names of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson etc. However, there are many great players who started out or ended their careers with the purple and gold. These players are often forgotten by the casual fans, and hopefully this article will reveal many new former Lakers to you.

Doug Christie        

Before becoming a member of the notorious Sacramento Queens, Doug Christie started out his career as a Laker. He was drafted by the Sonics in 1992, but never played a single game for Seattle and was traded to the Los-Angeles Lakers. He played two seasons for the Lakers, averaging 8.2 points a game. In his time with the Lakers, Christie did not yet develop into a defensive stopper which later on became his forte. After being traded by the Lakers to the Knicks, and then being traded to the Raptors, Doug Christie joined the Sacramento Kings. There, he became the Doug Christie, the one who all Lakers fans hate and loathe. I also find it ironic, that the player who wore the #8 would be torched by that same  #8 roughly 10 years later.                                        

Doug Christie going up for a layup in the 1992 NBA season.