Top 5 reasons why people hate Kobe Bryant

If you are a Laker fan, you know what it feels like to leave heated debates with critics of Kobe Bryant, scratching your head. Why don’t these people appreciate the greatness of Kobe? How could they be a fan of anyone else in the NBA, but call Kobe a bum? Why do they always come up with something negative to say no matter what you say about Kobe’s career?

I’m here to list the top 5 reasons why people hate Kobe Bryant. This list comes from my personal experiences of constantly arguing with people over and over again. These reasons are built into the subconscious minds of Lakers haters all over the world.

5. His Resilience

Let’s face it. People love juicy gossip, especially when it comes to celebrities or athletes. In this sick twisted world that we live in, people enjoy to see others fail. This almost happened to Kobe Bryant in the summer of 2003 when he was arrested of a sexual assault charge filed by a 19-year old hotel employee in Denver, CO. This was fresh off of the 3-peat and Kobe was beginning to be recognized as the absolute best player in the NBA. The accusations caused Kobe to lose huge endorsement contracts and his jersey sales fell dramatically.

Well, we all know the old saying; “Winning cures everything.” Kobe did not let this mistake ruin his basketball career. During the 03-04 season, Bryant would attend court in the morning and make it to games at night, scoring huge outputs. Of course, he eventually made it all the way back to the top by winning multiple championships and gaining his endorsements back.

This absolutely made people dislike him. Especially if you were already sick of the Lakers winning every year, you wanted more to come out of this. The rape charge was supposed to be the end of Kobe’s career. There wasn’t supposed to be any bouncing back from this, but he completely ruined those plans huh?

4. He’s “boring.”

We are not going to see Kobe doing the dougie before an All-Star game. We also won’t see him tweeting other NBA players calling them his “boys” as if he didn’t just go to war with them in a playoff series. Early in his career, he showed a lot of personality by rapping with Brian McKnight or making songs with Tyra Banks (which I am ashamed to mention). But midway through his career, it became time to get serious. You’re rarely going to see Kobe joke and play around until he is holding up that trophy at the end of the season.

Many NBA fans cannot stand this. They want to see people playing around and dancing on the sidelines. It bothers them to see this “boring” Kobe Bryant go out and dominate an NBA filled with hip hop culture. He spent most of his childhood in Italy and doesn’t have the “inner city swag” that most NBA players possess.

3. He’s a Laker

In any sport, people hate franchises that are known for always winning, making huge trades, or landing the big fish in free agency. Teams that come to mind are the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees, and of course the Los Angeles Lakers. When you are the face of franchises such as these, you automatically receive an inexplicable amount of hatred towards your game.

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers have been in the NBA Finals 7 times out of the last 12 years, winning 5. NBA fans don’t want to see this. They’ve already seen Michael Jordan and the bulls dominate the 90s. This wasn’t supposed to happen again in the very next decade, which I will get to later on this list.

2. He has outlasted everyone else

From my personal experiences, I have been defending Kobe against other players in the league since the year 2000. Think about it. From the beginning of his career, I had to explain to people that he’s better than Allen Iverson, better than Tracy Mcgrady, better than Vince Carter, etc… Where are all of those guys now? How many championships have they won? How do their personal achievements stack up to Kobe’s these days?

Kobe is so great that he outlasted the original debates and has now been thrown in arguments with the new generation. The guys that he is being compared to now are damn near 10 years younger than him and the “better player” arguments are still valid to this day. Kobe went from being compared to guys like Iverson over 10 years ago to Kevin Durant and LeBron James, who are inches taller than him, years younger than him, and don’t even play the same position as him.

Let’s add up all of the championship rings that other players who have been compared to Kobe have. Let’s see. You have T-Mac, Vince Carter, Iverson, LeBron, Durant, D-Wade, and whoever else you can come up with in the last 10 years. Add them all together and do you even get 5 rings? The answer is no.

1. He’s today’s Michael Jordan

This has to be at the top of the list of why people hate Kobe Bryant so much. Throughout Michael Jordan’s career, everyone said there will never be another one and then here comes 18 year old Kobe Bryant at the tail end of Jordan’s career. Because of their undying love for MJ, people couldn’t stand to see this new guy walk, talk, and act like Jordan.

After their very first game against each other, Jordan told reporters that Kobe asked him how does he do the turn around fade away jumper that we all know and love. MJ told him “It’s all in the legs.” This shows that Kobe was a real student of Jordan’s game. He seriously wanted to be the best player in the NBA and he knew in order to do that, he would have to model his game after the greatest player who has ever lived. He literally wanted to be “like Mike” and he is.

The beautiful all around skill that we see each game is identical to Michael’s. It’s a combination of God given ability and hard work. The ability to play basketball just like the greatest player of all time has gained Kobe 5 championships, numerous awards and achievements and record breaking performances. Because he was one of the first players to enter the league straight out of high school, he is outpacing Jordan in numerous historic categories and people refuse to accept it.

Nobody can dispute the fact that their games are absolutely identical. We posted a video that caused an uproar on social networks between Kobe haters and supporters earlier this week that shows identical shots from identical spots on the court from Jordan and Bryant, which you can view here.

Sadly, the hatred towards Kobe Bryant will never end. He will always be criticized and unappreciated for his amazing accomplishments in his NBA career. If you have been a fan of Kobe since the beginning, just be thankful that you were able to be apart of this long historic ride. I truly feel bad for basketball fans whose judgment of Kobe’s career has been clouded by misguided hatred.

Written by Deshaun Sheppard

Deshaun is a 24-year-old college student. His goal is to be a journalist and he's currently looking for any opportunity to gain some experience. He also covers music news for He's a huge Laker fan and can't wait to share his thoughts with all of the Lakerholicz. If you want to know more about him, follow him on Twitter @WOLF_CHUKI.


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  1. He had the most dominant center in NBA history win 4 championships FOR him. Jordan wouldve won a championship every year with Shaq. Get your head out Kobes ass.

    • If that was the case why didn’t Lebron win a ring with Shaq?! Or the Celtics? Please watch basketball and not just the ESPN highlights on SportsCenter

    • do you seriously think Shaq would have won those 3 without Kobe?? or that 1 without Wade?? oh please, he has Penny Hardaway (who’s one of the best SG coming out)… you seriously don’t know Basketball, right??
      in NBA basketball you need another guy to draw the double team to make others wide open, and KOBE does that.. if Kobe was with the BOBCATS, Shaq wouldn’t have won those 3, because simply, they would just hack-a-Shaq and double team him, do you seriously think Robert Horry or Derek Fisher had a chance to have those game clinching 3’s if Kobe didn’t score (or Kobe isn’t there).. LAKERS wouldn’t even be close to the semi-finals, they wouldn’t even get to sweep the WEstern Conference Playoff and in the end beating Allen Iverson led 76ers(and yes, Shaq can’t defend “the ANSWER”).. and when Shaq fouls-out, who do you call, moron??
      this is REAL TALK!

      • Relax you overly-sensitive internet thug. I was trying to cause a stir and clearly I struck a nerve in your marshmellowy interior, Yes Kobe is good, but this is the 5 reasons people hate Kobe page last time i looked lol. Have a nice life.

    • and STOP with these MJ Dick-riding Bullshit, he didn’t even get to the playoffs (I think twice) and even if he did– he got swept by the Pistons and the Celtics.. he didn’t win nothing until SCOTTIE PIPPEN came in (and the Zen Master Phil Jackson)
      look at how many years MJ played, and look at how many championship he got… and you say he’s going to win it every year?? you’re talking nonsense Jordan FanGirl! get off Youtube, KID… kids these days.. knows nothing and yet keeps talking shit!

    • Little peasants, Kobe won 2 rings without shaq and was finals MAP of both. Shaw won won and D Wade was the finals MVP. Class is dismissed.

  2. people don’t hate Kobe, they just don’t like him. Only a Kobe fan like you would consider this as a hatred. If you stand in the middle, you won’t give those people this bad name, “the haters”. Well, if you aren’t standing in the middle, don’t pretend like you are or try to be the justice.

  3. I respect Kobe’s game. Top ten ever. He lacks that leadership quality i look for in greatest ever players however. He let his ego of being the man prevent him from getting more championships with shaq who was the most dominant in the game at the time which i can’t respect.

  4. Their game’s ARE NOT “identical”.
    All one has to do is go check the consistent substance produced from their on-court play and that’ll blow a hole right in your argument kiddo..
    And when one factors in the fact that kobe’s playing under rules that favors perimeter players and STILL can’t consistently do what MJ did (under tougher defensive resistance), it makes this comparison even more laughable.

    This comparison is a bad joke and has been from day one.

    It’s simply done to promote the NBA to a younger, dumber, and, more uninformed generation of fans, who SORELY lack any kind of historical perspective on the subject to even be in the conversation to begin with.

  5. How could anyone hate those things?

    What people don’t like about Kobe doesn’t have anything to do with basketball. He’s a loner – people don’t like that. He’s got questionable moral character – people don’t like that. He’s not buddy-buddy with his teammates – people don’t like that.

  6. Those are not the reasons why people hate Kobe. Amongst the reasons people do hate, him, I’ll give you some of the reasons. By the way, I don’t hate Kobe. But here’s what I do hate: I hate his bricks. I hate his poor, ill-advised, low-IQ shots that Kobetards call “impossible”. I hate the disrespect and lack of trust he shows towards his teammates, I hate the fact that he refuses to pass the ball to wide open teammates. I hate that he caused coaches to be fired and Phil Jackson left the Lakers because of him. I hate the fact that he signs huge contracts for big money even though he’s over the hill. I hate the fact that one man is causing the disintegration of the entire Lakers franchise.

    • Phil Jackson retired on his own merit. Kobe, like Jordan, was also a leader in which they didn’t care if their teammates viewed them as assholes if it meant that they could bring the best out of them. And it’s not like D Wade isn’t doing the same thing with big money contracts

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