VIDEO: Andrew Bynum says he hasn’t had a chance to play for “passionate” fans; says Cleveland will “stand up and support the team”


Andrew Bynum is now a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and he’s excited about it because he’ll finally get a chance to play for “really passionate” fans who “stand up and really support the team”.

Wait, what?

Here’s what Bynum said – there’s also footage below:

[pullquote]They’re really, really passionate. I haven’t had an opportunity to play for a city that’s really just gonna stand up and really support the team. I’m super excited, I can’t wait to see what it’s like.[/pullquote]

Is this the same Andrew Bynum who played for the Los Angeles Lakers from the age of 17 and won two NBA championship rings? I understand that some of the lower level fans at Staples Center may not be the most passionate – although, that does usually change around playoff time – but it’s crazy for Bynum to think that the Lakers don’t have passionate fans.

Then again, Bynum thinks it’s fine for him to shoot three-pointers, so…

Written by Ross Pickering

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