VIDEO: Byron Scott Gives Sly Wink As Lakers Land Top 3 Pick At Draft Lottery

This is awesome.

While many Laker fans were watching the 2015 NBA Draft Lottery at home while going absolutely nuts, the team’s head coach, Byron Scott, was cool and collected in New York City.

I mean, this guy has played in some big NBA Finals games over his career, so the draft lottery must have been a piece of cake.

Still, even Scott couldn’t hide his excitement after it was announced that the purple and gold had jumped into the top-three of the lottery.

After the Lakers’ leap was announced, ESPN’s cameras caught Scott giving a sly wink to one of the other team representatives.

It’s not clear who Scott was winking at, though I really hope it was directed toward his old Boston Celtics nemesis Larry Bird, who was in attendance on behalf of the Indiana Pacers:

So good.

Oh, and the best part? The Lakers didn’t just stop at third – they made it all the way to second.



Written by Ross Pickering

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