VIDEO: Jeanie Buss On The Herd (Full Interview)

During an interview with Colin Cowherd, Jeanie Buss discussed the current state of the Lakers

When Jeanie Buss was booked to be a guest on The Herd three weeks ago, she was meant to go on and talk about Kobe Bryant and his transition into retirement.

Then Byron Scott was fired, and Lakerland went nuts.

To her credit, Jeanie still showed up and took questions from Colin Cowherd on Byron’s firing, free agency and other pressing issues.

It should be noted that Jeanie is the head of the Lakers’ businesses operations, while her brother Jim and Mitch Kupchak take care of the basketball side of things. Make sure to take┬áthat into consideration while watching the interview below.

Written by Ross Pickering

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  1. The problem with the Laker front office is, there are folks within the organization who wants to see them fail instead of offer support like what they would do if let’s say if Phil is running the front office. Instead of support, they finger point and wash their hands when things don’t go right. Instead of offering opinion on what the front office can do better, they just let things happen and they stay away from it and finger point from the outside looking in. Sometimes I wish Dr Buss is still alive and we as Laker fans won’t have to go through this sibling rivalry which is a mess and why the front office is a mess. Didn’t Dr Buss lay the foundation for his kids before he passed away? What the hell happened?? Tell you what, I’m pretty sure that future didn’t include Phil. Meanwhile, Phil Jackson isn’t doing a great job in NY either. Jeanie is as stubborn as her fiance. It’s clear Jeanie wants Phil to run the front office with her. If it doesn’t go her way, she finger points from the outside looking in. Phil Jackson is a stubborn old man who constantly rams the triangle offense down NY throats when it’s clear it’s not the right system to implement in this era of the NBA.

    When the day Phil comes back to the Lakers, we will all see the treatment Jeanie and Magic will give Phil compared to what they do to her brother today. Phil will – just like any front office in sports will encounter losing seasons and we will see her fiance’s support – which she should have been doing for her brother.