VIDEO: Kobe misses the game-tying shot and rolls his ankle, but was he fouled?

After hitting a crazy three to tie the game, Kobe Bryant came back down the floor on the next possession and would attempt to tie the game with his patented baseline shot. However, the shot missed and Bryant ended up rolling his ankle.

Although, was Kobe fouled on the play? It looks like Dahntay Jones kicked Bryant as he was on his way down from releasing the shot. Or, did Jones get under Kobe’s feet? You have to allow a player room to land after going up.

You could say that Kobe’s kicking his leg out in an attempt to draw a foul, but I don’t think it’s that excessive or that much different to the usual kick he uses for balance when going up for the shot.

Either way, Kobe had his ankle x-rayed after the game and the results were negative, though he’s said to have a “severe sprain” and is “out indefinitely”.

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Written by Ross Pickering

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