VIDEO: Lakers vs. Cavaliers – extended highlights (01/13/13)


The win was only against the lowly Cavaliers, but it was a convincing win, and a win the Lakers needed badly.

The Lakers remained in 11th place with the win, but picked up a game on the 8th-place Trail Blazers and the 10th-place Timberwolves, both of whom lost tonight.

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The Lakers celebrate 2013 with a W. Magic and Big Game can now sigh, take a deep breath, and reee-laaax until the next L. 13 days and 6-straight losses into the new year and the Lakers endured a bevy of criticism, including rants from their HOFs weighing in on everything from absent effort to lacking leadership. Even the arrival of the 9-30 Cleveland Cavs, a sure fire remedy for the free falling Lakeshow, didn’t allay as many fears as necessary, considering they showed up the flat Lakers at the Quicken Arena in December.

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Written by Ross Pickering

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