VIDEO: Lakers vs. Heat – extended highlights (01/17/13)


Tonight was a huge game for the Lakers, but they came out with their worst three minutes of basketball this season.

Four early turnovers led to four Miami dunks, and a quick 8-2 lead. Time out.

The Lakers would right the ship, and eventually lead 83-81, but they could not pull off what would have been their biggest win of the season.

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Too many TOs early.

A flurry of LeBron late.

The Lakers are left to weigh the value of another moral victory, losing a winnable game against the Heat 99-90 at Staples. The half court defense was great. It kept them close, within striking distance. The Lakers found Miami’s shooters on the perimeter for much of the game. They couldn’t however, do anything to deter LBJ from strolling though the lane and doing practically anything that he wanted to.

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Written by Ross Pickering

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