VIDEO: NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown calls out Kobe Bryant, questions his place in American culture


Kobe Bryant’s return to the NBA just eight months after tearing his Achilles’ tendon was inspiring on many levels, yet Jim Brown would rather bring up stuff that happened a decade ago.

Brown, who’s apparently an NFL Hall of Famer according to Google (I’m not an NFL fan) was on Arsenio Hall’s show and was asked for his thoughts on Kobe’s comeback.

Instead of giving his thoughts on the challenges that a 35-year-old, 18-year NBA vet faces when coming back from an Achilles tear, he instead stated that Bryant “threw Shaq under the bus”.

Brown then went on to challenge Kobe’s place in American culture, saying that, as he grew up in Italy, he “doesn’t quite fit what’s happening in America”.

For the record, Kobe moved back to the States at the age of 13 and was thrust back into American life by playing basketball all day, every day, while also becoming a keen rapper. If anything, Kobe is more cultured and well-traveled than the average American – I’m not sure how that’s a bad thing.

Maybe Brown’s a Celtics fan…

Written by Ross Pickering

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