VIDEO: Watch Pau Gasol’s debut five years ago today against the Nets

Five years ago today, it all started: Pau Gasol suited up for the Los Angeles Lakers for the first time in a win versus the (then) New Jersey Nets.

Of course, now they’re the Brooklyn Nets and that 7-foot Spaniard has two championship rings, but some things are strangely the same, as well as the date: Gasol was starting at center then (posted 24, 12 and 4 assists in his debut) and he will tonight, too. Kobe Bryant was passing the ball a lot that night (just 6 points but he dished out 8 assists and 5 rebounds) and he’s been doing that a lot recently, also.

Derek Fisher had 28 points that night, so that isn’t happening.

However, enjoy the video below: it was the start of something great. Hopefully, Gasol will be able to put on a similar performance tonight. They’re going to need it.

Written by Ross Pickering

Ross Pickering is the founder of He's here to bring you daily updates on your Los Angeles Lakers, despite living 5,485 miles away from L.A. in England. You can follow him on Twitter: @RossPickering