WATCH: Mitch Kupchak Pops Bottles After Lakers Win Second Overall Pick

The entire Lakers organization breathed a sigh of relief on Tuesday night.

Going into the lottery, there was a 17.2 percent chance that the Lakers would end the night without their pick.

Thanks to a 2012 sign-and-trade deal for Steve Nash with the Phoenix Suns (who traded the pick to the Philadelphia 76ers earlier this season) the Lakers would have to give up their 2015 first-round selection if it fell outside the top-five of the lottery.

However, luckily for Mitch Kupchak and co., the Lakers didn’t only retain their selection – they also ended up jumping up the draft board to number two.

Therefore, it wasn’t surprising to see Kupchak poppin’ bottles in the team’s war room later that night.

Well, actually, it was kind of surprising seeing as I didn’t have Kupchak down as the bottle poppin’ type, but hey, he had a great reason to celebrate!

“We didn’t get number one,” Kupchak said as he prepared to uncork a bottle of Lakers champagne, “but number two’s okay in this case.”

Yes it is, Mitch. Yes it is.


By landing the number two pick, the Lakers will almost certainly end up drafting either Jahlil Okafor or Karl Anthony-Towns on June 25, and there’s already rumors of Towns possibly trying to force his way to the purple and gold next month, so watch this space.

Written by Ross Pickering

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