What to expect in Phoenix

Steve Nash asked to be traded to the Lakers and was granted his wish. Below average fans or over-the-top fans find this troubling because of the recent rivalry between these two franchises. You add the rivalry to the fact that it’s the Lakers and you get bad blood right? Los Angeles Clippers v Phoenix Suns

Nash could be considered one of the classiest players to play the game and is an outright professional on every level. Nash gave everything he had on a nightly basis. He never complained and always brought the best out of his teammates. On top of all this, Nash gave the fans memories and they are hard to come by in the competitive league of today.

With Nash’s contract expiring and age reaching a point of no return, the Suns decided to give back to him. The front office approved of his departure and gave him the ability to handpick his destination. In fact, the whole “breakup” was pretty smooth. Nash and the Suns essentially agreed to part ways with no grudges. This is very understandable considering what Nash had done for the franchise in recent years.

I expect this to be more of a “welcome home” game, so if you are looking for profanity and boos, don’t be disappointed. Phoenix honestly has some of the classiest fans in the league and they will be sure to showcase their class on a national stage. I anticipate nothing but cheers and love. It almost feels like this one is going to be harder on Nash than on the fans.

Nash’s return is tonight on ESPN.

Written by Blake Beckerman

I am a college student at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Basketball is my love and future. I have been around the game as long as I can remember and have no plans of leaving. I am a die hard Lakers fan and a self proclaimed NBA guru. Giving my thoughts and speculation on the league really brings joy to me. I am always willing to answer questions concerning the league and game. A basketball junkie at its finest. You can follow me on Twitter (@BlakeBeckerman)