Why Lakers fans should have faith in Dwight Howard



Dwight Howard was brought to Los Angeles in a four-team deal back in August and was thought to make the Lakers into a legitimate championship contending team alongside Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, and to be the next great Lakers center. But all of those hopes and thoughts changed when the brand new Lakers team actually started to play together.

The Lakers now stand at 25-29 and at the 10th spot in the Western Conference at the All-Star break, and some have already started to believe that Dwight Howard is not the future of this franchise and will be unable to take this Lakers team to the Finals after Kobe Bryant is gone.

Though Dwight had been very inconsistent in the first half of the season, there were many reasons to contribute to that.

Injuries have not only disrupted Dwight’s game, but also the entire flow of the Lakers’ offense. Dwight’s explosiveness that he had in Orlando just hasn’t been there this season and a lot of it had to do with the back surgery Dwight had last season, plus the recent shoulder injury, which had lead him to be inconsistent and unable to play to his full potential.

The lack of touches that Dwight had on the offensive end also played a part in his inconsistency. A lot of that had to do with Kobe Bryant, but now that he’s the Lakers’ primary facilitator, a lot of the scoring is now the job of Dwight Howard and Earl Clark.

Lakers fans should be more understanding about Dwight’s situation and be a little bit more patient on Dwight and this Lakers team.

With Kobe and Nash facilitating, Earl Clark emerging and Dwight Howard slowly returning to form, Lakers fans can expect a better Lakers team going forward and better chances of getting into the playoffs.

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