Winning Streak Snapped: Lakers start seven-game road trip with a loss

Not so fast. After a three-game winning streak, many were hoping the Lakers have turned things around.

However, the Lakers begin their road trip with a disappointing loss to the Phoenix Suns, who were tied for the worst record in the West. kobe-bryant-jersey

The Lakers committed 20 turnovers in this ball game and were outscored 13-29 in the 4th quarter. Just like the game against the New Orleans Hornets, the Lakers lost a lead but weren’t able to hang on for a win.

The Lakers’ ball movement has improved, but their usual flaws, such as turnovers and free throws, have yet to be fixed.

The Lakers lose their first road game 86-92, falling deeper into the hole they’ve been trying to climb out of.

VIDEO: Kobe passes up the open layup for the Gasol dunk.

VIDEO: Steve Nash gets a standing ovation in his return to Phoenix.

NEXT GAME: Friday night in Minnesota on at 6:30 pm PST on ESPN.

Written by Katelyn Tran

Katelyn is currently a student and wants to pursue her dream of becoming a writer for the NBA. Twitter @nihao_katelyn