With Jordan Hill out for the year, Lakers apply for disabled-player exception

Jordan Hill is out for the year, sadly. He’ll be out at least 6 months, per Mark Medina.

The NBA offers a “disabled-player exception” to teams who take an injury hit like the Lakers have. If a player is out for a prolonged amount of time, teams can make a request to the league offices for an exception that is relative to the injured player’s salary. jordan-hill-lakers-timberwolves

According to the Los Angeles Times, Mitch Kupchak and the Lakers applied for the exception before Tuesday’s deadline:

The Lakers sent a request to the NBA for a disabled-player exception for Jordan Hill, General Manager Mitch Kupchak said.

If the league granted the Lakers’ request, the team would gain an additional $1.78 million in spending power, half of Hill’s contract this season. Hill will undergo season-ending surgery because of a hip injury.

In this case, if granted, the Lakers will receive $1.78 million to spend on a free agent. They could also use it in a trade, as long as the player they’re trading for is an expiring contract.

However, ESPN reports that the Lakers may not even use the exception: Kupchak told reporters that there’s “no downside” to acquiring the exception, so it’s worth applying for it just in case.

Written by Ross Pickering

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