Xavier Henry says Nick Young will “probably never fight anybody”

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers

Nick Young has only appeared in 50 games so far for the Los Angeles Lakers, though the L.A. native has already managed to get involved in two scuffles that have both lead to ejections and fines.

Back in January, Young was fouled hard by rookie Alex Len which lead to the Laker going after the rookie and the rest of the Phoenix Suns team.

Then, on Friday night against the Washington Wizards, Drew Gooden tried to drag Young to the floor by locking up his arm. Young responded by shoving Gooden in the neck area.

In Phoenix, both Young and Len were ejected – and Young was later suspended – while Gooden and Jordan Hill were ejected on Friday night. Gooden was also fined $15,000.

However, despite being involved in two separate altercations within a couple of months, Young’s teammate, Xavier Henry, says that Swaggy P is a lover, not a fighter.

“He’d probably never fight anybody,” Henry joked about Young, according to Mark Medina from the L.A. Daily News. “He always goes with his hands open. We’re not worried about him actually fighting. We got his back. Nick will never fight anybody, probably never in his life.”

Stu Lantz always says that nobody in the NBA wants to fight – well, except for Ron Artest.

It’s always weird to see Swaggy P get into scuffles: Nick’s usually so chilled out and easy going, though you definitely can’t blame him for losing his cool when he’s knocked to the ground on a dangerous play or is getting his arm wrenched off by an opposing player.

These comments by Henry are still pretty funny, though. It’s great how these guys can continue to tease each other despite this being such a disastrous season.

Written by Ross Pickering

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