When the LA Lakers were knocked out of the playoffs, their hopes for winning the title ended, causing the NBA offseason to start earlier than projected. As a result, the summer of 2021 is expected to be the most critical one for the Lakers and with it comes offseason rumors about the franchise.

As it is expected, LeBron and Anthony Davis will make it back to the team next season with hopes that they will be in their best form, far from what was witnessed in game 6. However, durability is still a point of concern where Davis’ career is concerned while it is feared that LeBron can no longer be able to carry the team like before.

If LA Lakers are to rebound next season, there are many changes for Rob Pelinka to make in the summer. Here are the latest Lakers NBA rumors.

The latest news for free agent Dennis Schroder

One of the most challenging decisions LA Lakers will have to make has to do with Dennis Schroder, a free agent after the last season. His performance was underwhelming to the displeasure of some people in the franchise. However, he is one of the most talented guards, enough for the Lakers to bring back. It is expected that he will draw a lot of interest before h finds his new home. 

Some of the possible places rumored to be interested in Dennis this offseason include the Toronto Raptors, Chicago Bulls, and New York Knicks. In the event the Lakers fail to sign him again, rumor has it that they might explore a sign-and-trade option. 

It comes as no surprise that New York is interested in Dennis since they are expected to be looking to sign a starting points guars coming season. With the cap situations at the Lakers, Dennis will likely be finding a new home through a sign-and-trade. 

Several teams show interest in Talen Harton-Tucker and Alex Caruso

The Lakers expect most of their role players to become free agents this summer. However, they are keen on retaining two of these players as a way of retaining homegrown talent. Based on reports, Alex Caruso is the most coveted free agent by other teams, with rumors that the Cleveland Cavaliers have their sigh set on Alex and Talen this offseason. 

It is possible for the Lakers to offer Talen a qualified offer, restricting his free agency. However, Talen and Alex may have a big chance to end up somewhere different in the next season. The future is also uncertain for Kyle Kuzma with the LA Lakers. 

Harrell is expected to leave this summer 

When the Lakers signed Montrezl from their city rivals, many supported the move as the perfect addition to the team. However, his time in the Lakers locker room ended underwhelming, with rumors of his exit before the start of the new season. 

Harrell still holds a $9.72 million player option, which might be enough to get him off the Lakers bench and on to another team willing to give him more playing time and an even better salary. However, while Harrell can certainly be relied on to score, his lack of defense skills resulted in underwhelming results when they played the Suns in games 2 and 3. 

With the many needs the LA Lakers have in terms of strengthening their team, Harrell’s departure will make it possible for the management to sign players with more versatility on the court and impact. 

Possibility for a Myles Turner trade 

To strengthen their center, the Lakers have had to make do with short-term solutions that saw Anthony Davis play in his most comfortable position in years. However, the center is still a cause of concern for the Lakers, more now with the uncertainty of the future of Marc Gasol and Drummond. 

According to reports, the Lakers have shown interest in Myles Turner, the Indiana Pacers center. Rumor has it that the Lakers were looking to sign him before the NBA trade season closed but never got around to it. However, there are major changes happening in Indiana Pacers, which might make Turner available. 

At 25 years, Turner can be the perfect center fit for the Lakers. His 1.5 3-pointers made the last season, and Turner can be reliable in the defensive. Together with David in the center, he is what the Lakers need to create a line of defense with enough versatility. 

The Lakers likely to move in on Kelly Oubre Jr.

There are rumors that the LA Lakers may be planning to sign Kelly Oubre Jr. this summer, who is currently a free agent. Kelly is said to be in high demand, with several teams willing to pay a premium for his fantastic defense skills. 

After his last season with Golden State Warriors, he is not expected to return, with Klay Thompson expected to reclaim the starting point, which would push Kelly to the bench. To get more playing time, Kelly is set to be looking at other options in the summer. 

LA Lakers see Kelly’s defensive skills as the perfect fit for Vogel. However, even with favor from the management and coaches, signing Kelly might not be the realistic move for the Lakers, which leaves the matter to speculation. 

First, Kelly is looking to earn $18 million per season, which is not financially feasible for the Lakers at this time. Also, he will not be the right addition for a roster that needs willing and consistent outside shooters around James. Kelly was no good for 16 to 21 feet shots this season with only 31% success from beyond the ark. Also, notably, he ranked 415 in the offensive win shares for the season. 

While the Lakers would use his skills on the court, he is not the most cost-effective option for a team that needs to work on its shooting options.