Are the people who pushed for Dwight to go to Brooklyn behind the Houston rumors?


Dwight Howard‘s name has been linked to the Houston Rockets for some time now – the Rockets wanted to trade for Howard when he wanted out in Orlando, though at the time, the feeling apparently wasn’t mutual. However, in recent weeks, “sources” have emerged saying that Dwight is now interested in the Rockets.

However, according to Bill Ingram, the sources who are saying that Dwight wants to go to Houston are the same ones who were pushing for a trade to the Brooklyn Nets:

[pullquote]There are a couple of things to keep in mind as we begin to approach this subject, starting with the fact that Howard has been notoriously indecisive about his future over the last two seasons. He talked about how much he wanted to stay in Orlando, even as “sources” around him couldn’t wait to talk about him wanting to play in Brooklyn or in L.A. with the Lakers. Many of those same sources are now pointing a finger at Houston as his next destination, and while it’s difficult to put much stock in rumors that surface in May about a decision that might not be made until August – or even later, in a nightmare scenario – it’s worth noting that there are likely to be some adjustment issues in Houston if they do finally land their prime free agency target.[/pullquote]

While sources can sometimes give insight into a certain situation, it’s always worth remembering to take the information they provide with a pinch of salt.

During “The Dwightmare”, many in Howard’s inner circle were said to be pushing for the move to Brooklyn – the same may be happening here with the Rockets. Dwight needs to cut down on his entourage if he feels that they aren’t putting his best interests at heart: at the end of the day, it’s Howard’s life and career, so he needs to make the best decision for himself and his family.


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