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    15 Games Left: The Ultimate Lakers Fan Survival Guide

    This is one of the worst seasons in Lakers franchise history. Dealing with sudden change is hard for most people – especially sports fans. Once again, the Lakers have failed to match¬†their high expectations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the last 15 games of the season. I mean, it’s extremely difficult but it […] More

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    My Top 3 Favorite Lakers Uniforms Of All Time

    The Los Angeles Lakers have worn a number of iconic uniforms throughout franchise history. Because of this, selecting the best Lakers uniforms was a tough and tedious task. Here are my top 3¬†favorite Lakers uniforms of all time: 3. Hollywood Nights Alternate Jersey via via 2. 1960’s Blue And White via via […] More

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    Lakers Need To Ignore Free Agency If They Want To Change Their Fate

    The Los Angeles Lakers are known for rebuilding via free agency. The approach is logical. L.A. is a beautiful city with beautiful people and luxurious housing options. You add the team’s historical success and it’s a perfect match for every free agent – I mean, it used to be, anyway. Lately, the Lakers have struggled […] More