I very much doubt Blake sitting this one out tonight has anything to do with trades. His contract would be hard enough to move during the season, nevermind before it has even started.

Last year at the trade deadline he was said to be involved in a trade – it even seemed at times it was pretty much a done deal according to reports – but he still played a game that night.

Blake is owed $8 million over the next two years. The Lakers were nearly able to move his contract last season it seems, but that was because they were sweetening the deal with a first-round pick; they don’t have one now.

It’s just pre-season basketball. Mike Brown probably sees Blake as the back-up point guard right now and so he’s going to give Duhon and Morris a chance to show what they’ve got. Maybe they can force their way into more minutes? Or maybe it will just strengthen Blake’s position as Nash’s back-up.

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