Just weeks after declaring Kobe Bryant the greatest player of all time, Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings took to his Twitter account to float the idea of the NBA retiring number 8 and 24 throughout the league in honor of the Black Mamba.

The discussion started with Jennings questioning why people weren’t on board with the Lakers retiring both of Bryant’s numbers:


Jennings then noted that Michael Jordan’s number 45 was never retired by the Chicago Bulls. However, unlike Bryant, Jordan played just 40 games whilst wearing 45.

As well as Kobe’s two numbers, Jennings feels that Jordan’s 23 should be retired throughout the league, too:

I’m not sure I agree with Bryant’s numbers being retired league-wide, though I’ve always thought that both 8 and 24 should be retired by the purple and gold, especially seeing as Kobe has accomplished so much while wearing both numbers.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section below.

H/T Lakers Nation