Brandon Jennings On LeBron James: “He Run Too Much When Sh*t Gets Tough”

Brandon Jennings is off on one. Again.

Tonight on Twitter, Jennings got into an interestring conversation with Twitter user @JohnnyNBA. During the discussion, Jennings (once again) called Kobe Bryant “the greatest to me” and said the Black Mamba is a top five player “all time.”

This is stuff that Jennings has mentioned┬ábefore, so it wasn’t exactly breaking news.

However, things got really interesting when LeBron James was brought into the discussion.

When @JohnnyNBA suggested that James will one day be a top five player, Jennings disagreed.

“He run too much when sh*t gets tough,” Jennings said of James. “Never just stuck it out. Like MJ. Magic. Bird. Kobe.”

“u can @ him Idc,” Jennings continued. “U act like I said something other ppl haven’t said. Shrugs. It’s my opinion.”


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