Image: L.A. Times

Image: L.A. Times

UPDATE: According to Ramona Shelburne, the Lakers are “cooling” on the idea of trading Pau to the Cavaliers ” by the hour” as both sides appear to be “farther apart than ever.”

Shelburne again notes that the Lakers won’t just trade Gasol for cap relief – they want assets in return, especially when the Spaniard pours in 23 points, 17 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 blocks.

Also, on Cleveland’s apparent interest in Utah’s Richard Jefferson, the Plain Dealer reported (via Hoops Rumors) that the Cavs aren’t looking to pull off the rumored deal with the Jazz.


This will all be over by Monday. Tuesday at the latest.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ talks with the Cleveland Cavaliers which have focussed on a potential deal that would send Pau Gasol to the Cavs and Andrew Bynum to Los Angeles (note: Bynum would never play in L.A., he’d simply be cut by the Lakers for financial reasons) have reportedly stalled, though there is still a chance that a deal may be struck by Tuesday’s deadline (when Bynum’s deal becomes fully-guaranteed and is no longer of any use financially).

Jason Lloyd of reported earlier today that the talks between the two teams remain “in a holding pattern” and the Cavs would search for other deals.

Later in the day, Marc Stein and Brian Windhorst from tweeted that while a potential deal between the Lakers and Cavs still has life, Cleveland were now talking to the Utah Jazz about a trade involving Richard Jefferson:

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This is the smart thing for Cleveland to do. It seems they’ve had extensive talks with the Lakers and are now weighing up their options before Tuesday’s deadline.

Meanwhile, Ramona Shelburne from noted again that the Lakers are said to be looking for more than just financial relief in exchange for Gasol, and the purple and gold are in no real rush to move Pau at this moment in time:

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This may just be posturing by the Lakers. The Cavaliers know – or at least think – that the Lakers want to get under the luxury tax and are likely using this as a bargaining tool. It seems the Lakers are saying that they can afford to hold on until February to move Gasol, or may even just look to trade a few of their other players to get under the tax line – although, that’d likely prove to be harder than moving the Spaniard.

L.A. are reportedly seeking additional assets from Cleveland: Sergey Karasev is one of the names that has been mentioned in recent days.

The Cavs are on the clock, though in the end, they may just decide that waiving Bynum and paying him $6 million – instead of handing out another $14 million or so to a banged up Pau Gasol, as well as additional assets – is simply the best option for them.