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  • LeBron James of Los Angeles Lakers against Portland Trail Blazers during 2020 NBA Playoffs at AdventHealth Arena
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    The 2020 Orlando Bubble: The Lessons Learnt So Far

    Embed from Getty Images When a team has been put into a strange situation such as that at Orlando, you begin to see them in a different light. As we write, there have been eight games played and there are four to go. Therefore, before the crunch conclusion to the championship, let’s reflect.  Dion Waiters […] More

  • Norm Van Lier of Chicago Bulls against Lucius Allen of Los Angeles Lakers during NBA game 1976

    The Top 10 NBA Teams of All Times According to Us

    Embed from Getty Images Let’s lay out some criteria. We are going to go back to a time before 2010. We will look at the first 65 years or so of NBA teams to take out of the melting pot of the current NBA battles in Orlando. Second, we will promise to be, hand on […] More

  • LeBron James of Los Angeles Lakers guarded by Giannis Antetokounmpo of Milwaukee Bucks Staples Center March 2020

    Milwaukee Bucks versus LA Lakers: What Makes Them Great?

    Embed from Getty Images While the LA Lakers victories during the season might suggest dominance over the Bucks, there is no doubting the strength of the challenge between these franchises. When assessing which is the better team there are some important factors to consider – how does the offensive ability of Giannis compare to the […] More

  • Kyle Kuzma of Los Angeles Lakers defended by Amir Coffey of LA Clippers at The Arena at ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex

    Lakers vs Clippers: Who Takes Over Los Angeles?

    If you look through the history of the franchises of basketball that come out of LA, there is no competition. The legacy of the Lakers far exceeds anything that the Clippers could hope to achieve in the next 50 years. However, the beginning of greatness has to start somewhere, and we may be witnessing the […] More

  • LeBron James ofLos Angeles Lakers shoots the ball at the ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex September 2020

    The Top 10 Small Forward Throughout Lakers’ History

    Embed from Getty Images Of all the positions on the squad, the Lakers have always enjoyed an embarrassment of riches in forward play. In fact, they have been fortunate enough to have some of THE greatest small forwards in NBA history. You might think that the Greatest of All Time in the small forward position […] More

  • Wilt Chamberlain of Los Angeles Lakers against Dave DeBusschere of New York Knicks during an NBA basketball game circa 1972

    The Best LA Lakers Centers of All-Time

    So, the center is that player that has to do all aspects of the game brilliantly. They have huge defensive responsibilities, as they seek to keep the opponent from shooting by blocking shots and passes in those vital areas. Yet, they are also expected to fight for the rebounds in the offense. If you are […] More

  • Kobe Bryant of Los Angeles Lakers holding NBA Finals Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy's alongside Pau Gasol and Derek Fisher September 2010

    Top 7 LA Lakers Shooting Guards of All Time

    Any ranking of players as the Greatest of All Time is fraught with challenges. How can you possibly judge across generations of players? Those playing 50 or more years ago will not play the same physical defense as current superstars. Equally, the players of old wouldn’t have had the support from physio, masseur, personal training […] More

  • Derek Fisher of Los Angeles Lakers against Raymond Felton of Portland Trail Blazers at Staples Center February 2012

    The Top 5 Point Guards in the History of the Lakers

    As the team with the most championship titles and with times of pure dominance, it is always difficult to assess the best of the best in any position. Yet, the point guard position has served up more than a fair share of greats.  Maybe, it is fair to say that the dominance of the sport […] More

  • Lamar Odom of Los Angeles Lakers against Denver Nuggets at Staples Center April 2011

    The Best Five Power Forwards in Lakers’ History

    So, what makes a great power forward? First, you are going to have to be tall if you are going to be first on the scene for those rebounds. Second, you are going to need physical strength and a good amount of controlled aggression. Your job above all else is to be the best convertor […] More

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    Will The Lakers Reignite Their Chemistry In The Bubble?

    Prior to the pause of the 2019-20 season, the Lakers had been performing miracles. A team had miraculously recovered from a multi-year slump to deliver an amazing 49-14 performance. But would they be able to pick up where they left off? More

  • Shaquille O'Neal attends WarnerMedia Upfront 2019 arrivals outside of The Theater at Madison Square Garden

    Is Shaquille O’Neal the Greatest of All Time?

    Remember in 1992 when no one knew what Shaq had to offer. He was an LSU junior and yet he was still a no-brainer as the top draft pick of the NBA. At the age of 20, Shaquille O’Neal had all the makings of a superstar of the game and had the potential to be […] More

  • Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks putting the ball through the basketball net

    Is Trae Young positioning himself to be a Lakers’ Player?

    Why does Trae Young’s move from one sports agent to another impact on the Lakers? A good question – and one that some would answer has no impact at all. However, the hairs on the arms of some fans have been raised by a certain career move by the star player – as it is […] More

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