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    Fan Voice: Purple and gold dreams and Hollywood nights

    The Los Angeles Lakers are officially back for the 2013-14 season. There are some new faces on the team, but the overall goal remains the same. However, there are no expectations this year which could make for the perfect season. No expectations with Kobe Bryant leading the way coming back from an injury that potentially […] More

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    Fan Voice: Lakers in position to prove doubters wrong

    When the 2013-14 season gets under way later this year, no one is expecting the Los Angeles Lakers to do anything – they don’t even expect them to make it to the playoffs. Personally, I strongly feel Lakers have the roster to contend in the Western Conference with the additions they recently made. Let’s take […] More

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    Reactions to Dwight Howard’s interview with Stephen A. Smith

    After watching Stephen A. Smith‘s interview with the new center for the Houston Rockets, Dwight Howard, I can’t help but scratch my head. Let’s start from the beginning. Dwight states that Houston was the best place for him to grow as a person, and as a player. And I agree with him. The Lakers failed […] More

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    Fan Voice: A Hollywood script in the making

    When the captain of the Los Angeles Lakers went down with injury a few months back, people started asking the following questions: Will he be the same again? Will he ever play at a high level again? Those people spoke almost as if they had forgotten that he was Kobe Bryant, the strongest willed athlete […] More

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    Fan Voice: L.A. doesn’t need Dwight Howard

    Minutes after finding out that Dwight Howard had decided to join the Houston Rockets, Kobe Bryant unfollowed Howard and posted a picture of he and Pau Gasol together on Instagram. Kobe Bryant reportedly gave Dwight Howard tough love in their meeting on Tuesday. Man up or ship out – it’s Kobe. He wasn’t going to baby […] More

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    Fan Voice: Lakers showing they are “All In” for Dwight Howard

    Hey everyone, did you drive down Figueroa today? If you did, you would have seen a humongous sign on the side of Staples Center dedicated to Dwight Howard. Some fans would call it “begging”, though the Los Angeles Lakers‘ front office know full well what they need to do to retain the All-Star center. However, at […] More

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    Fan Voice: Kobe Bryant is still the best player in the NBA

    Yes, you read the title correct: Kobe Bryant is still the best player in the NBA. When healthy, Kobe Bryant is the most dominant player in the NBA. LeBron James has an argument, but at the end of the day, the best of the best is Kobe Bryant for the following reasons. Since the year […] More

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    Fan Voice: Kobe Bryant needs to have a sit down with Dwight Howard

    As we all know, Dwight Howard will become a free agent on July 1. And in L.A., we are no strangers to drama. The Lakers face a potential Dwightmare this summer. However, I am still holding onto hope that there is no Dwightmare and he re-signs when given the chance on July 1. Lakers’ superstar […] More

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    Fan Voice: Stop putting words in Dwight’s mouth

    Ladies and gentleman, Dwight Howard has not said a thing since is exit interview, yet people still have him going to the Houston Rockets or Atlanta Hawks. He is on vacation. Dwight hasn’t said a thing: he’s just taking pictures while wearing Lakers gear. Last night at around 8:00 pm, my cell phone lit up […] More

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    Fan Voice: Lakers should make tweaks and bring back the same core

    The Los Angeles Lakers have big decisions to make this off season: do we bring back the same team or do we move forward with changes? I’m one of the people who is okay with small changes. I think they should keep the same core group of Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol. […] More

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    Fan Voice: Why we count on Kobe

    There are lots of reasons why Lakers fans count on Kobe. Is it because of the buzzer beating shots? The dedication Kobe shows on the floor? Or his final free throws during the 2012-2013 season? I could say a million of other reasons. But for me, it’s simple: Kobe Bryant always shows up. Injured, sick […] More

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