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Chances each Laker returns next year


Pau Gasol

Pop quiz! What happens after every year the Lakers have an early playoff exit? If you answered the media runs rampant with Pau Gasol trade rumors, you are correct! Once again, there have been many different trade scenarios rumored involving Pau Gasol following the Lakers disappointing four-game sweep at the hands of the San Antonio Spurs.

Although Gasol experienced his least productive year as a professional, there should still be a good amount of interest in the seven-foot Spaniard. Throw in that he has an expiring contract, and the Lakers are sure to receive some enticing offers for him. Complicating things is that any players the Lakers would receive back in a trade would have to have expiring contracts as well so that the Lakers don’t lose their financial flexibility for the 2014 free agency class which could include LeBron James.

Chances Gasol Returns: 75%

Steve Nash

Steve Nash’s future all depends on if Dwight stays with the Lakers and if so, whether the front office decides to give their current team one more chance at a title. To be fair, they never really had a chance this past year, as they were constantly battling injuries and never able to practice together or develop any team chemistry. If the Lakers decide to make Nash available, at least a few teams will call. The problem is the Lakers tend to overvalue their players when involved in trade talks. While Nash is still an above-average player, there probably isn’t much of a market for a forty-year old point guard with two years left on his contract at just under $10 million per year.

Chances Nash Returns: 80%

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Written by Corbin Weinerman

Corbin is currently a sophomore at Cal State Northridge. He is a life-long Lakers fan who throughly enjoys sports and is an enthusiastic writer. He also aspires to someday become either a full-time sportswriter or a General Manager of an NBA team. Want to talk basketball or just sports in general? Make sure to follow him on twitter @Corbinmrpk and send him any questions or comments you may have.

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