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Chances each Laker returns next year


Devin Ebanks

Ebanks has never fulfilled his potential and has actually dropped in production ever since entering the league. He was projected to be a possible lottery pick after his freshman year at West Virginia University. After giving it some thought, Ebanks decided to return to college for his sophomore year. He had a less than stellar year and payed for it in the draft when he fell to a mid-second round pick. He impressed during the pre-season of his rookie campaign but failed to get much playing time during the regular season. His second and third years both began with him being inserted into the starting lineup and ended with a bevy of DNP’s. There is a good chance the Lakers don’t even offer a contract to him this off-season and allow him to start fresh with a new team.

Chances Ebanks Returns: 35%

Andrew Goudelock

It will be interesting to see if Andrew Goudelock garners any attention on the free agent market this summer. After playing almost all of the regular season in the D-League and winning the league’s MVP award, he was signed to a contract by the Lakers after Kobe went down with a ruptured Achilles tendon. He didn’t see much playing time at all until Steve Nash, Steve Blake, and Jodie Meeks all went down with injuries prior to the Lakers game 3 matchup against the Spurs. In a matter of weeks, Goudelock had gone from D-League MVP to NBA Playoff starter. During those final two games, he was spectacular, averaging 17 points in 36.5 minutes per game.

The Lakers will more than likely offer him a new contract, but his success in the playoffs may have pushed his value out of the Lakers price-range.

Chances Goudelock Returns: 55%

Robert Sacre

The Lakers have apparently extended a qualifying offer to Robert Sacre according to numerous reports, thus making him a restricted free agent. Throughout Sacre’s rookie campaign, he scarcely saw the floor. When he did play, he didn’t show anything to make anyone think he could be a contributor. Odds are that the Lakers don’t have much competition, if any, when trying to re-sign him.

Barring an unforeseen trade, Sacre will remain a Laker next year.

Chances Sacre Returns: 95%


Hopefully, the Lakers will be able to re-sign Dwight Howard. Hopefully, Kobe will come back relatively soon and still posses the athleticism he had before his injury. Hopefully, the Lakers won’t be plagued by injury once again. And hopefully, the Lakers can improve on their team chemistry and get back to their winning ways. But with so much doubt surrounding their future, it really is impossible to know what’s in store for the Lakers next year.

This was an article by Corbin Weinerman. You can follow him on Twitter here: @Corbinmrpk

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Written by Corbin Weinerman

Corbin is currently a sophomore at Cal State Northridge. He is a life-long Lakers fan who throughly enjoys sports and is an enthusiastic writer. He also aspires to someday become either a full-time sportswriter or a General Manager of an NBA team. Want to talk basketball or just sports in general? Make sure to follow him on twitter @Corbinmrpk and send him any questions or comments you may have.

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