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Chandler Parsons says he’s talking to Dwight Howard daily


Dwight Howard has said all along that the decision he makes during free agency will be his choice, and nobody will be able to sway his decision, but there’s at least one guy out there who’s trying to do so: Chandler Parsons.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Parsons talks to Howard “every day” and has been pitching the Houston Rockets to him:

[pullquote]Parsons, however, added a separate thought for Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard, the Rockets’ primary free-agent target.

“After watching that last night,” Parsons said, “I hit him with, ‘Come to Houston. That could be us.’ ”

That wasn’t anything new for Howard. He has heard plenty from Parsons this offseason.

“I talk to Dwight every day,” Parsons said. “I’ve created a relationship with him, where I feel like we’re very close. He hits me up about everything. I’ve covered pretty much every question he’s had. I basically tell him, ‘We have a chance to be really good without you next year. We’re going to have a good season. Why not come and join us, join our core guys who are for sure to be here and make us great, make us contend for a championship?’

“That’s the main point I’ve gotten from talking to him. He wants to win. He wants to win rings. It’s obvious there is no better fit, no better team or opportunity to do that than with us.”[/pullquote]

We already know that James Harden will be recruiting Dwight this summer, so that’s at least two guys from the Rockets who are trying to lure him away from the Los Angeles Lakers.

Dirk Nowitzki is another guy who will be pitching his team to Howard. There will likely be others, too, such as Josh Smith and Chris Paul.

Kobe Bryant will have a pitch of his own, yet he said that he won’t be delivering it to Howard until the last minute. Let’s just hope Kobe can come up clutch once again.

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