Chris Paul is reportedly telling people “LeBron James wants to be in LA” 

Could “The King” soon be wearing purple and gold?

Could “The King” be wearing purple and gold after July 1?

According to Stephen A. Smith of ESPN, Chris Paul has been telling people that LeBron James has no interest in joining the Houston Rockets and wants to be in Los Angeles.

“According to my sources, several things are happening. Chris Paul is telling folks, LeBron ain’t trying to come to Houston. He wants to be in LA. These are the things I’m getting through the grapevine. Chris Paul is saying LeBron wants to be in LA.”

We all know Stephen A. Smith reports should be taken with a grain of salt but this sounds like something that has legs. Chris Paul is known to be close friends with LeBron James and there were also reports during the NBA Finals that Paul had already reached out to James in an attempt to recruit him to play for the Rockets.

In addition to Stephen A. Smith’s report on LeBron, he also heard that people in LA aren’t positive that Paul George will end up in LA. Apparently, George values his relationship with Russell Westbrook and the fact that the Oklahoma City Thunder can offer a super max deal might determine where George wants to sign.

“Folks are not sure Paul George is coming to LA. From what I’m being told, Sam Presti and the Oklahoma City Thunder are gonna back up the brink truck for Paul George. They’re going to offer him the max. Because they’re going to offer him the max, combined with the fact that Russell Westbrook shows him a lot of love and they seem to get along pretty well and they’ve got a future together, Paul George is a sentimental type. And as a result, it’s going to be hard to pull away from that and that relationship with Russell Westbrook.

Heres the problem: The wife would rather be in LA. Paul George’s parents, from what I’m told, would rather him be in LA. So the family pressure is pushing him in OKC. And the combined with the money, because he stands to make so much more money by staying in OKC, rather than going to LA, it can be problematic for Magic Johnson.”

Again take these reports with a grain of salt. But remember Stephen A. Smith has been correct before when he had LeBron joining the Miami Heat and also had him going back home to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Free agency is less then 2 weeks away…buckle up, Laker fans.

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