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Despite Jeanie Buss’ recent comments, Phil Jackson says he has “no intention” of coaching again


Jeanie Buss recently said that she thinks her fiancé Phil Jackson will coach again. The legendary leader begs to differ, though.

According to the Williston Herald, Jackson has “no intention” of coaching again:

[pullquote]During the press conference, Jackson made it clear he has no intentions of returning to coach.

“I have no intention of coaching,” he said. “I am still recovering from multiple surgeries.”

Jackson is currently experiencing back problems, which require him to use a walking cane.[/pullquote]

It’s hard to gauge whether Phil is being truthful when he says this; it’s obvious that he loves to coach, though he may feel that his body is just too old to take the grind of an 82 game season. As mentioned in the past, maybe the best position for Jackson at this point would be in a Pat Riley-type role with one of his ex-assistants or players running the Triangle for him as a head coach.

Of course, Phil could always just be saying he has no intention of coaching to silence the “We want Phil!” chants and give Mike D’Antoni a chance – even if it’s just for Jeanie’s sake.

However, right now, the Zen Master insists he has no intention of ever coaching again. It’s worth remembering that intentions can change, though.

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