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Dirk Nowitzki says he’ll recruit Dwight Howard and Chris Paul, may take less money next year to help land top players


James Harden and Chandler Parsons are going to recruit Dwight Howard this summer – in fact, they may have already started. Kobe Bryant will make sure to get in a great pitch of his own, too.

Dirk Nowitzki is yet another NBA superstar who says he’s going to be a part of his team’s recruitment process during the off-season. Except Dirk’s pitch will likely be a little different to the others: the German says he’ll take a pay cut if it means that the team can spend money on bringing in more talented players, according to Hoops Rumors:

[pullquote]On top free agents Dwight Howard and Chris Paul:

“We’d love to get one of those two. We’d love to get a player in here who can create his own shot and be a superstar-type player. It’s still a long way to go until July. Those guys need to clear their minds a little bit and get away and then start thinking what they want to do with their futures. Hopefully, that’s where we come in and put a great pitch out there and see what happens.”

On making a pitch to free agents:

“I’ll definitely be a little involved. But I’ll be in the draft ‘war room’ for the first time … order some pizza and talk some basketball. I got one year left on this deal and then I’m coming off the books. So if that helps for us to be better I’m going to take a paycut. That’s part of the pitch. Cuban and Donnie [Nelson] have got to be part of the pitch. I think Dallas and the fans here, the sellout streak, the city to live in is gorgeous and has gotta be in the top five in the league. Hopefully, some of those guys will decide to come, and if not, we’ve gotta  have a Plan B. If none of those top free agents come, we gotta make some moves with sign-and-trades or something. We want to get back to the playoffs and be a factor. We owe it to these fans who come out every single night to support us.”[/pullquote]

Dirk is the man: not only did he decline a plethora of endorsement deals after winning a ring in 2011 because he just wanted to be a basketball player, not a “brand”, but he’s now saying that he’ll sign for a smaller amount in the future in order to sign-up more talent.

However, it’s still going to be a long shot for the Dallas Mavericks to sign Dwight Howard or Chris Paul this summer. Aside from Nowitzki, their roster really isn’t all that attractive right now. There’s always the draw of Mark Cuban – and of course Dirk – but that probably won’t be enough for the Mavs to land a big name this summer.

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Written by Ross Pickering

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