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Doc Rivers says Kobe’s greatness gets overlooked because he followed Jordan


Doc Rivers may be a Celtic – and a guy who has faced off against Kobe Bryant in the Finals: twice – but he knows talent when he sees it.

Rivers was a guest on Jim Rome’s radio show yesterday, and he got talking about Kobe and how his greatness has been overlooked because he followed Michael Jordan:

But while he doesn’t like judging current players against retired icons, Rivers did add that he thinks Kobe Bryant’s greatness sometimes gets overlooked.

“I think because he followed Michael, he probably doesn’t get the due he deserves,” said Rivers. “What he’s doing right now, at his age, I watched last night because I watch most of New Orleans’ games for personal reasons, he’s playing at a different level himself.”

I have to agree with Doc: it’s tough, because everything that Bryant does is compared to Jordan. I often wonder how Kobe’s career would be viewed if he came before Jordan, and if MJ would be having a tough time pleasing the critics if he were in Bryant’s shoes.

What do you think?

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