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Even if Duncan wins a fifth ring, Horry says he’s still taking Kobe over Tim


Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan? This has become more of a discussion as of late, seeing as LeBron James said Duncan was the player of the last 15 years – not Kobe – and due to the fact that Duncan is possibly just days away from winning his fifth ring.

However, a former teammate of both Bryant and Duncan has a different view to King James.

According to HoopsHypeRobert Horry says that he’ll take Kobe over Tim even if The Big Fundamental wins his fifth ring this month:

[pullquote]You said recently that Kobe has had a better career than Duncan and Shaquille O’Neal. But what if Tim wins a fifth ring like Kobe?

RH: I would still pick Kobe. Tim is great, but I tell everybody this: Look at this from the GM perspective. Who’s going to sell tickets, put the people in the arena? Tim? Nah, not so many [laughs]. Don’t get me wrong, he’s going to win, but he won’t draw so many people to the arena.[/pullquote]

I have to agree with Horry. As I’ve said before, Kobe is just that much better of a player than Duncan. Then you bring ticket sales and marketing into it as Horry did and Kobe is the obvious runaway winner here.


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