Fan Voice: Dwight Howard’s decision to stay in L.A. should be a no-brainer


Dwight Howard needs to think about signing with the Rockets or the Lakers? Is there really anything to think about here?

In L.A. we have sixteen titles. We thrive on winning. What does Houston have? Two NBA titles? Three? I may be wrong, but I don’t need to know the  Rockets’ history because to me – like many other Laker fans – I know this to be a fact: the Houston Rockets don’t match up to the success that the Los Angeles Lakers have had.

So, Dwight Howard, again the ball is in your court. Kobe Bryant will speak to you but he doesn’t need to convince you to stay, does he? You have seen and touched the trophies. You know that the Lakers are about winning and you know something like this doesn’t happen over night.

So, what is there to think about? We won’t be held hostage or wait all summer on a decision that should be a no-brainer.

On July 1st you become a free agent – should we have the Jeopardy theme for you as well? I’m still holding on to the hope that you will make the right decision and stay in L.A. and don’t make another career move, but at the same time I feel there has to be a reason all these reports link you to Houston – I just hope they are not accurate. After all, you did say that if it hasn’t come from your own mouth then it isn’t true.

If you stay here, it’s a challenge to bounce back from last season and Kobe Bryant loves challenges. Will you, Dwight Howard, accept the challenge and listen to Kobe?

Stop wasting time because we’ve got work to do and a championship to win.

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Written by Mike Nasri

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