Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant went down after tearing his Achilles in April of this year. He was on crutches and then walking less than three months later and then doing light jogging and taking shots about two months after that. Over the weekend he was in Germany getting treatment on his right knee (which was unrelated to his Achilles injury).

I’m calling a return to the line up for Bryant between opening night and Thanksgiving (Steve Nash is also giving this estimation).

A lot of people are doubting the return of the Black Mamba saying he will never be the same again, while others are looking forward to his return and think that Kobe will return the same – if not better – than before.

What do I think? I think that Kobe Bryant has that mentality to not give up no matter what. He thinks that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

When he returns he will have his team ready to go to war with him and the Laker fans will be waiting to erupt. Bryant said it himself: the goal is always a championship. So, we will see what happens, but one thing is clear: never doubt Kobe Bean Bryant. He will prove you wrong every time.

Never have I come across someone more strong willed than Kobe Bryant. He’s taking note of those doubting him, such as the Los Angeles Times, and is using the headlines as motivation. Bryant has never been short of motivation anyway, but this will just drive him to return strong even more so.

Never underestimate the heart and will of a champion.

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