Fan Voice: L.A. doesn’t need Dwight Howard


Minutes after finding out that Dwight Howard had decided to join the Houston Rockets, Kobe Bryant unfollowed Howard and posted a picture of he and Pau Gasol together on Instagram.

Kobe Bryant reportedly gave Dwight Howard tough love in their meeting on Tuesday. Man up or ship out – it’s Kobe. He wasn’t going to baby him. He’s a five-time NBA champion.

I don’t buy the whole “My decision had nothing to do with Kobe Bryant” talk – it had everything to do with Kobe Bryant because Kobe wanted to help him and teach him how to be a champion, and to be a champion it takes a lot of work.

Kobe Bryant learned from the best and it took him years of training to be where he is today and his book is far from closing.

Dwight Howard doesn’t deserve that kind of love.

The Lakers made the right decision not pursuing Howard anymore after hearing he made a decision to go to Houston – it’s not the Lakers’ loss at all. It’s Dwight’s loss. He walked away from a golden opportunity, wearing the golden armor is a privilege.

He could have been a legend amongst elite names, but he chose the path he wanted to choose instead of listening to Kobe Bryant, even after being challenged by him.

Lakers fans and personnel will keep moving forward – we always find a way to land on our feet and we are a proud and decorated franchise.

L.A. doesn’t need Dwight. We can now finally move on from the Dwightmare.

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Written by Mike Nasri

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