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Laker fans are global. They’re all over the world and often raised young to love the Lakers. All of us have one thing in common: we all bleed purple and gold.

Here are some Laker fans that I have had the honor and privilege of meeting and talking too. This article reflects their love for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Amara Baptist

I have been a Laker fan since birth, born and raised into a Laker family – circa 1990.

Watching the preseason is giving me hope for a better season than people are saying. The chemistry is there, the players are younger, and I can see the hunger to win in their eyes. I’m expecting to see a few players shine in D’Antoni’s system, in particular Nick Young and Xavier Henry. I love the connection I’m seeing between Chris Kaman and Pau and Kobe will definitely be back with guns blazing.

Health is going to be the main factor and if they all stay healthy, I think we’ll shock the world.

Lisa Arredondo

I’ve been a fan since I popped out my momma and my expectation is to win the championship.


This time of year is my favorite – to watch the team that has been doubted long before the season even started, to prove their doubters wrong.

I’ve been a fan for over six years now. Of course, when I was younger, I knew who and what the Lakers were, but I’ve never come to learn the little bits and pieces of the players on the team, how the game is really played, and what the Los Angeles Lakers really meant until I caught them playing on TV and realized how much I love basketball and how into the game I was.

For this season, as well as every season, my expectations for the guys are always set high. I expect to see a team filled with chemistry and wanting to play hard basketball each and every time they are set out on the court to play until that last buzzer goes.

I expect to see Pau play as the dominant center that he is known to be and be the Pau we all know from 2008. I also expect to see the young players that we have on our team to showcase their best abilities that they have and expect Mike D’Antoni to give those guys chances to play. He will never know their potential unless he gives them an opportunity to step on the court.

Furthermore, I expect D’Antoni to have a set rotation for our team. We do not need another season with guys not knowing when they’ll be subbed in, what position they’re at, so on and so forth.

This is going to be a fun-filled season. No more drama. No more crying. No more excuses. That’s long gone. It’s a new beginning, new season, new team. I truly believe we have the bits and pieces to go far & deep in this season. I can see the energy, teamwork, and passion these guys already have in the preseason and expect nothing less once the season starts. ARE YOU READY LAKERSNATION. It’s GO TIME!

Kimberly Andrea Brock

I’ve been a Laker fan since I was about 9, so since 1994.

My expectations are for the Lakers to have a better defensive presence this seasons, especially, team and transitional defense. To use Pau more inside instead of relying on 3’s too much, although they have better 3 point shooters, they can really use Pau and Kaman utilizing their post presence. I am expecting their chemistry to even more improved as the season goes along, and that they will have a winning record of above 45 games when the seasons ends.

Dyhesha Street

I have been a fan since 1991 and my expectations for this year is for the Lakers to gel, communicate with one another, avoid injuries, and win a title.

Bobby Davis

Been a fan since 82…didn’t understand the game until 84. That was when I learned to despise the Boston Celtics. Magic Johnson is my hero and idol, as well as my favorite Laker of all time.

In life, I emulate Magic! I love to give assists…let others shine…and I’m a great team player.

My expectation for this season is pretty much the same. Play smart basketball, win as many games as possible, prove the Laker critics wrong and bring #17 home where it belongs!

This was an article by Mike Nasri. You can follow him on Twitter here: @LakersDynastyLA

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