Fan Voice: Lakers should make tweaks and bring back the same core


The Los Angeles Lakers have big decisions to make this off season: do we bring back the same team or do we move forward with changes? I’m one of the people who is okay with small changes. I think they should keep the same core group of Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol.

Last season was a year full of injuries. It was a freak accident type of season – Murphy’s Law was in effect from start to finish. I think the same team needs to take another crack at it.

Most would disagree, but why not? The Lakers need to come back because they owe it to themselves and to the city of Los Angeles. This is not a situation you run from, it’s a situation you face head on and these current Lakers deserve a chance to face it. In my opinion, a healthy Laker team with no injuries would have walked to the finals this year and won a championship.

Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni didn’t get a chance to coach a healthy Lakers squad; I think he should be back too and be given a chance to coach an injury-free team next season to see how good he really is. Most fans would disagree, but he never really had a chance and the injuries that happened this season were not his fault. He had a short rotation to work with due to having his guys get hurt all year long.

So, let’s see what a full and healthy Laker squad can do in the 2013-14 season. If the same core group is brought back next year, I still feel that they can win the NBA championship.

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