Hey everyone, did you drive down Figueroa today? If you did, you would have seen a humongous sign on the side of Staples Center dedicated to Dwight Howard.

Some fans would call it “begging”, though the Los Angeles Lakers‘ front office know full well what they need to do to retain the All-Star center. However, at the end of the day, Lakers management also know the decision rests solely on Dwight Howard’s big shoulders.

Now, we wont take our shirt off and send it to Dwight – we thought of something better by showing Dwight we need him on the team by putting all our poker chips on the table and going “All In” just like the commercial Dwight shot a few months back that you probably can recall “All in for L.A.”

The Lakers, with that sign on the side of Staples Center, are showing that we are indeed “All In” for Dwight Howard.

Free agency starts on July 1st which is less than a week from now and I would still be surprised if Dwight Howard makes his departure from Los Angeles this summer.

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