Ladies and gentleman, Dwight Howard has not said a thing since is exit interview, yet people still have him going to the Houston Rockets or Atlanta Hawks. He is on vacation. Dwight hasn’t said a thing: he’s just taking pictures while wearing Lakers gear.

Last night at around 8:00 pm, my cell phone lit up like a Christmas tree. “Dwight Howard is frustrated with Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni,” the message read, “Everyone is, but it doesn’t mean that Dwight Howard is leaving the Lakers unless you hear it directly from him,” I replied.

There will always be rumors spread by others who think they know what is really going on, then someone else will take that same story and write their own version of it and everyone will say “a source said this” or “a source said that.” This is how rumors start to spread.

The main source, Dwight Howard, doesn’t say a word, yet people talk for him and that needs to come to a stop.

Dwight will take his time and weigh up his options this summer, but you know what? That is just a part of free agency. A decision will come eventually and I still believe it will end with Dwight signing on that dotted line with the Los Angeles Lakers and accepting a max contract because it is the logical thing to do.

So, sit tight and don’t believe everything you hear until you hear it from Dwight Howard himself.

This was an article by Mike Nasri. You can follow him on Twitter here: @LakersLDynasty

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