This Guy Keeps Falling Asleep At Lakers Games (And We Can’t Really Blame Him)

It’s been a rough season for Laker fans.

Fans weren’t expecting a championship contender coming into the year, but they thought there would at least be some kind of visible improvement in the team.

That hasn’t happened – at least not in the win column – and the franchise is set to lose a record amount of games this season.

A number of their games have been very uneventful, too, such as last night’s loss to the Denver Nuggets.

Aside from Julius Randle recording his first triple double and Kobe Bryant scoring 28 points, the Lakers struggled against the Nuggets and even fell behind by 18 points at one stage.

At times, Staples Center was very flat last night – especially after D’Angelo Russell went down with an ankle injury – and therefore it’s no surprise that at least one fan in attendance fell asleep, as the following photo by @alohagrafix shows:

However, this isn’t just a one off.

According to the Twitter user, this man has fallen asleep at “every game…well at least those that aren’t exciting enough (most).”

Don’t believe him? Luckily for us, there’s more photographic evidence!

This guy is my hero. I wonder what he’s dreaming about? Kevin Durant in purple and gold perhaps?

Laker seats aren’t cheap, but then again, neither are L.A. hotels, so maybe this works out as a more cost effective way to grab 40 winks.

Hopefully the Lakers will be able to put a more exciting product on the floor next season so this guy can actually enjoy the action as opposed to sleeping through it.

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