Ice Cube Reveals Plans For Kobe Bryant Movie

A Kobe Bryant movie made by Ice Cube? Where do we sign up?!

After the incredible success of Straight Outta Compton last year, this news should excite fans of the Black Mamba.

In an interview with Angie Martinez that was recorded before Bryant’s final game last week, Cube revealed that he has plans for a movie based on the five-time NBA champion’s life.

Cube says he’s going to approach Kobe with the idea – there’s no script yet, but there’s a treatment – and he even wants Bryant to play himself in the movie!

Below is a transcript of the conversation between Angie and Cube.

Ice Cube: I’d love to do a movie on Kobe. I got a movie in my head that would be perfect for him.

Angie Martinez: This is an amazing idea! Does he know this?

Cube: No.

Angie: Is there a script?

Cube: No.

Angie: It’s in your brain? It’s in your head?

Cube: Yes. There’s a treatment.

Angie: I love that. There’s a treatment?!

Cube: Yeah.

Angie: That’s gonna happen.

Cube: I got a lot of treatments that don’t happen.

Angie: Who would play Kobe?

Cube: Kobe!

Angie: Kobe would play Kobe?!

Cube: Yes!

Angie: Can Kobe act?

Cube: Look, we’d get him in it.

Angie: I think that would be incredible.

Cube: It will be incredible. It’s an incredible story.

Angie: Is this something you’re working on?

Cube: I’m gonna go at him with it and see if he wanna do it.

Remember, this conversation took place before Kobe ended his career with a 60-point outing.

Bryant’s story was already incredibly epic, but now it has the perfect ending.

This movie needs to be made ASAP!

Here’s the video of the Cube interview if you’d like to listen to the main man himself:

It’s probably only a matter of time until a Kobe Bryant movie is made – especially seeing as the Black Mamba himself is heavily into storytelling and film making – though we’ll just have to wait and see if Cube is the guy who ends up getting the gig.

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