The professional NBA Lakers basketball team needs no introduction with Rob Pelinka, Luke Walton and Philip Anschutz heading the shows of late. The team, based in the scenic city of Los Angeles, participated avidly with the likes of the National Basketball Association and is also a constituent of the WCP Division. The level of enthusiasm for this NBA cluster is on a soaring high for the city after making a splendid recovery in less than half a decade. The year 2016 was legitimately the initial season for the Lakers to get a stronghold and in 2017 the boys in gold & purple are expected to create magic from last year’s potion.

Getting their Turf Back

Indeed, it is high time they got the relevance factor back in the game. The reason why 2016 is considered a grand feat is because the overall performance of rookie players of the team was beyond exceptional and the consecutive nine trophies bear witness to the same. The forthcoming games promises a finer lineup of the squad as the Lakers make their way towards higher zeniths, specifically if they wish to grab a slice of the superstar free agency rumors in the upcoming games.


Seeing the young guns locked and ready to fire for the outlook, they even enjoy the mentoring of their preferred trainer Walton. In addition, the list of perks continues with a towering fan following and state of the art amenities at the Lakers beck and call. Despite the group not being anticipated for a top game contending, the community instills great confidence on them nonetheless.

Need to Score More to Get More

So if you have in mind of what precisely goes in the making an unbeaten upcoming term, the nexus of the season belongs in the region of playoffs – that is for certain. The Los Angeles team enjoys the benefit of a justifiable spree at the 8th commencement in the West; however, it is a grave possibility of them painting the graph on a downscale. The most important factor includes the Lakers acquire a pretty vital victory which will prove their enhancement. It is not about getting a trophy for each game for an overall 41-41, but a tinge under the borderline will be more than impressive.

The winning spree quotient is something that the Lakers must crack open. If that does not come to pass, there would be dismayed atmosphere for the entire season owing to the ‘X’ factor. The aim for over thirty is an apt target by getting around other team and remaining abreast with the competitive sprit at large. In addition to such a milieu, the defense tactics for the purple & gold jersey bearers needs a slack-check which has been in tune for the past year. Consequently, 20-year old rookie Brandon Xavier Ingram gets to bear the brunt as he pulls his socks up to eventually emerge as the lockdown defending player.

Betting on the Lakers Good Fortune


It should not come as a surprise that NBA games form the crux of a positive feel, evocative of the casinos of yore. With things modernizing on a regular basis, betting on sports, including basketball has also upped the ante for increased convenience. The National Basketball Association has a lot to offer potential bettors in the form of spectacular teams including the Los Angeles Lakers in tow. However, it is crucial for people to understand the finer nexus of bookmaking and plan the gambling chart accordingly. Most online sports books have special deals on basketball betting throughout the season. The quintessence betting houses including Betway Sports and a few others are ideal breeding grounds for victorious bettors due to a superfluity of statistical information on offer.

The End of a New Beginning or…?

Burning of the midnight lamp is now crucial as shooting-cum-point guard Jordan Clarkson and ‘Black Panther’ Julius Randle do not have the luxury of poltergeists. Californian Brook Lopez might get his well deserved chances for center performance while Lonzo Ball might not make a significant alteration owing to the presence of D’Angelo Russell. Nevertheless, Ball has traits of a fine defense which is of equal importance at the games. It all finally boils down to the rookie tenderfoots who get their opportunities and display their valor at the fields. The upcoming matches will bear testimony to the inward-bound young Ingram who enjoyed a spectacular greenhorn year and concluded with a winning flash. His tremendous potential now calls out on the open season.


That sums up for the trio of improvement required by the LA Lakers for the looming sessions. Once accomplished on these grounds, the overall events will certainly be a grand success. Covering these areas pave the path for their dazzling outlook and convert the team into superstars for the subsequent season.

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