Is chemistry Lakers’ biggest problem?


The Los Angeles Lakers just can’t seem to be able to remain consistent. After building a winning streak, many assumed it was the turning point for the Lakers. However, injuries continue to kill the team that has already been struggling enough. As if things weren’t bad enough for the team, rumors and drama begin to heat up. 

From the media claiming that Kobe Bryant was suggesting Dwight Howard to play through his injuries, to Steve Nash feuding with Howard in the 3rd quarter against the Miami Heat in a loss. The Lakers just can’t seem to work together as a team.

People wonder why the Lakers commit numerous turnovers. I, for one, believe that it is due to their lack of chemistry. Dwight Howard and Steve Nash have yet to form a bond. It is noticeable on court that they don’t have the chemistry needed, which leads to unexpected passes. Steve Nash tends to give fancy passes that teammates won’t expect. Obviously, these turnovers aren’t just committed by Steve and Dwight. Even the perfect Kobe Bryant commits turnovers. What deserves the real blame? Chemistry.

Aside from turnovers, their horrific defense has also resulted from bad chemistry. For some reason, the team can’t figure out that you have to help the helper. Defense holds everyone accountable. Sure, Dwight Howard was brought to L.A. for defense, but defense isn’t only played by one man. The whole team must be involved. Everyone has to try to get a rebound if possible. Doesn’t matter if you’re a guard, everyone must contribute as a team.

The constant finger-pointing and blaming will only hurt the Lakers’ chemistry even more.

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