VIDEO: James Worthy says the Lakers are “whack” after loss to Bobcats


Ouch, the Lakers legends are really going after the purple and gold this week.

Just days after Magic Johnson called out Mike D’Antoni and co. on national television – and then later apologized via Twitter – one of his ex-teammates ripped into the Laker Show once again.

“I haven’t used this word all year long, but this was disgusting,” James Worthy said on Time Warner Cable SportsNet after last night’s 110-100 loss to the Charlotte Bobcats, “This game was really disgusting to watch. The only thing they’ve improved on is they’re not turning the ball over as much but everything else about this entire performance is just whack. It’s just really bad. Offensively, defensively – I don’t even know what to call what I watched tonight. They were not in sync, not organized. Nothing was good about that game.”

“There’s something wrong,” Worthy said bluntly. “There’s something wrong with this team and I don’t know how to fix it right now. You can almost write off the rest of the season if they continue in this mode.”

The Lakers have lost six straight games and are now 16-31 on the season.

Written by Ross Pickering

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