Jeanie Buss says she teases Jim about the hiring of Mike D’Antoni


Brothers and sisters all around the world tease each other now and again. The co-owners of the Los Angeles Lakers are no different.

Jeanie Buss says he teases her brother Jim about the hiring of Mike D’Antoni instead of Phil Jackson, according to Mark Medina of the Daily News:

[pullquote]Still, Jackson grinned when Jeanie was asked if that affected her relationship with Jim.

“I was not happy with how things happened,” Buss said. “It was a difficult process to go through. I was disappointed, but I’m biased. I don’t think anybody would judge me to say (Phil) is the best coach in the entire world. That’s my prerogative to feel that way.”

Have Jeanie and Jim resolved their differences? “It’s something I can always tease him about,” Jeanie said, smiling. “That’s what families do. You always bring up things. Everyone always has family issues and maybe that was something I can tease him about.”[/pullquote]

The hiring of D’Antoni was Jerry Buss’ decision – even Jeanie herself has said this – yet it seems that Jeanie sometimes jokes about the whole situation, and how her soon-to-be husband was overlooked during the coaching search last year.

However, it’s good to know that they’ve got to a point in time where they can joke about the awkward events that took place; the pair need to move forward and work together in order to run a successful franchise – it’s what Jerry wanted.

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Written by Ross Pickering

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