Jeanie Buss Says She’d “Love” Kobe Bryant To Go Into Coaching

Coach Kobe?

After announcing on Sunday that he would be retiring at the season’s end, Kobe Bryant has now left us all wondering what he’ll do next.

With most putting their money on business ventures, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss is hoping that the Black Mamba will take the same route as Phil Jackson and get into coaching.

Here’s what she told Bleacher Report radio earlier today:

I’m happy for him because he’s got the world at his fingertips. He’s created a brand in himself. He has stayed relevant internationally, making many trips to China and Europe. His popularity is unprecedented. So, I think anything he puts his mind [to] he can do.

Of course, I selfishly would love to see him go into coaching just because I think he has a brilliant basketball mind and he’s a good communicator. He would be a terrific coach. But that’s just me talking. I don’t think he’ll disappear from the landscape, I think he will be around and he’ll have a very successful career after basketball.

What I think is important is that he has to feed that competitive side to him, and when I say that I’m speaking from somebody who’s in a relationship with somebody who’s very competitive in Phil Jackson. You can’t just squelch that. You can’t just put a lid on it. He has to have some outlet for it. In Michael Jordan’s case, he became a team owner. So I think Kobe needs to not lose that competitive spirt that drives him so well and inspires him so much.

Jeanie is right: Kobe has a fantastic basketball mind and clearly loves the game so dearly, though the five-time NBA champion has said for some time that he couldn’t see himself coaching. In fact, Bryant said just weeks ago that he wouldn’t like to coach as he doesn’t “feel like dealing with divas.”

It would be nice if Bryant could stick around the Lakers in some capacity and give a little tutelage to the young players from time to time, though.

He did express interest in the past in being a part-owner of the purple and gold, so watch this space…

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